Any media will do

Once, many years ago, I was visiting one of my former art professors in his studio. He pulled out an image he’d been playing with and asked me if I knew what the medium was on one particular part. I looked closely. It was yellow, imprecise, with a thick and thin line. Having worked in an office part-time, I told him it looked like Liquid Paper to me. He was a bit disappointed, because I got it right on my first guess. But the point was that just about anything can be a medium.

It’s true with using sticks and ink (nice textures when you’re drawing, and you never know what it may look like). It’s true with using everyday items to stamp or add texture to a drawing. It’s true with icing even. I’ve found that playing with the icing on morning breakfast pastries can be a fun way to start the day. Here are two “drawings” from this week. “The Brute”



And “Van Dyke”

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