Selected Articles, 1997-present

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring/Summer 2023: Creative Journey

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring/Summer 2023: W.G. “Tres” Scheibe, MBA’91: Family Business

Research News, Spring 2021: Vanderbilt Blair faculty and alumni collaborate on ‘Vanderbilt Virtuosi’ album

Research News, Spring 2021: New book describes turning point in the racialization of classical music

Research News, Fall 2020: Study shows that repeated statements are more often judged to be true, regardless of a person’s age or prior knowledge

Research News, Summer 2020: Academic acceleration has no negative long-term effects on the psychological well-being of gifted youth

MyVU, Spring 2020: Melodores share music, cultivate new fans during pandemic

MyVU, Spring 2020: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Medicine: Eve Moll, BA’20

MyVU, Spring 2019: Musical Talent and Mentor: Rama Kumaran, BMus’19

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2018: ‘We Remember’: Preserving the memory of Holocaust survivors

Vanderbilt Magazine, Summer 2018: Summer Circuit

MyVU, Spring 2018: Samantha Long sings with body and soul

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2018: Farm to Table: Peabody’s Knapp Farm was an early experiment in sustainability

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2018: Universal Language: With “Phantom of the Opera,” Stan Tucker has seen the world

Vanderbilt Magazine, Winter 2018: Musical Exchange: ‘¡BLAIR!’ expands the Blair School’s Latin American Efforts

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2017: The Art of Teaching: Peabody College amassed an impressive fine arts collection before joining Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2017: Brëw-hilde: Blair Alumnae Bring Opera to Nashville Bars

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2016: The Italian Job: Alumna Gee finds stories in frescoes from the time of Nero

Vanderbilt Magazine, Summer 2016: Restoring Humanity: The interconnectedness of life is illustrated in shimmering glass tiles

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2016: Mind’s Eye: Quick Draw

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2016: Building a Jazz Culture

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2014: What Lies Between

Vanderbilt Magazine, Spring 2011: Conquer and Prevail

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2004 : Art for Whose Sake?

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2002: Mystery of the Reed

Vanderbilt Magazine, Fall 2001: Her Side of the Mountain

Nashville Scene, Feb. 1999: Closer to God: Exhibit of fresco copies gives a glimpse into Orthodox Christian theology

Nashville Scene, Jan. 1999: Against the Grain: Printmaker offers sobering insights into human mortality

Nashville Scene, Sept. 1998: Both Sides, Now: Seeing creations with new eyes

Nashville Scene, Nov. 1997: Visual Aids: Judeo-Christian calligraphy at Belmont

Nashville Scene, July 1997: Messages Received: Vanderbilt’s mail-art exhibit raises some interesting questions

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